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@@ -32,7 +32,32 @@ var Cli = function(argv) {
Files under directories named \"support\" are always\n\
loaded first.\n\
- --version Display Cucumber.js's version.\n\
+-t, --tags TAG_EXPRESSION Only execute the features or scenarios with tags\n\
+ matching TAG_EXPRESSION. Scenarios inherit tags\n\
+ declared on the Feature level. The simplest\n\
+ TAG_EXPRESSION is simply a tag. Example:\n\
+ --tags @dev\n\
+ When a tag in a tag expression starts with a ~,\n\
+ this represents boolean NOT. Example:\n\
+ --tags ~@dev\n\
+ A tag expression can have several tags separated\n\
+ by a comma, which represents logical OR. Example:\n\
+ --tags @dev,@wip\n\
+ The --tags option can be specified several times,\n\
+ and this represents logical AND. Example:\n\
+ --tags @foo,~@bar --tags @zap.\n\
+ This represents the following boolean expression:\n\
+ (@foo || !@bar) && @zap.\n\
+ Beware that if you want to use several negative\n\
+ tags to exclude several tags you have to use\n\
+ logical AND: --tags ~@fixme --tags ~@buggy.\n\
+-v, --version Display Cucumber.js's version.\n\
-h, --help You're looking at it.\n");

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