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@@ -6,14 +6,15 @@ To run the test from the cli call:
- groovy -cp target/test-classes ./bin/cucumber-jvm.groovy --glue src/test/resources --glue cucumber/runtime/groovy src/test/resources/cucumber/runtime/groovy
+ groovy -cp target/test-classes ./bin/cucumber-jvm.groovy --glue src/test/resources --glue cucumber.runtime.groovy src/test/resources/cucumber/runtime/groovy/a_feature.
The test uses a mix of compiled and interpreted step definitions which makes the command a bit tricky:
1. `-cp target/test-classes` tells groovy where to find the compiled class files
2. `--glue src/test/resources` is required so that cucumber finds the interpreted step definitions
-3. `--glue cucumber/runtime/groovy` is required so that cucumber find the compiled step definitions
-4. the last parameter is the feature path
+3. `--glue cucumber/runtime/groovy` or `--glue cucumber.runtime.groovy` is required so that cucumber finds the compiled step definitions
+4. the last parameter provides a feature or a path with features
This demonstrates that the files in the bin directory (`cucumber-jvm.groovy` and `cucumber-groovy-full.jar` are a completely standalone
execution environment. TODO: Figure out the best way to package and publish this as a "groovy package". Maybe just a zip file?

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