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Fix Cucumber reports for cucumber-android

This enables standard Cucumber reports using the 'format' parameter of
CucumberOptions. Reports will be stored on the device.
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commit 9cf7f823b5e66caeb24fcfdbe22841b7f79e772c 1 parent b2b73e5
@friederbluemle friederbluemle authored
1  android/src/main/java/cucumber/api/android/
@@ -92,7 +92,6 @@ public void onStart() {
final List<CucumberFeature> cucumberFeatures = runtimeOptions.cucumberFeatures(resourceLoader);
final int numberOfTests = TestCaseCounter.countTestCasesOf(cucumberFeatures);
- runtimeOptions.getFormatters().clear();
runtimeOptions.getFormatters().add(new AndroidInstrumentationReporter(runtime, this, numberOfTests));
runtimeOptions.getFormatters().add(new AndroidLogcatReporter(TAG));
1  examples/android/cukeulator-test/libs/
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ and the required jars will **automatically be downloaded.**
* cucumber-picocontainer (shouldn't be necessary)
* picocontainer-2.14.3 (shouldn't be necessary)
* gherkin-2.12.1 (shouldn't be necessary)
+* cucumber-html (only required for HTML reports)
* To download the release versions run `ant -f init.xml`.
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