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Clojure backend should define HookDefinition.getLocation(boolean detail) #461

aslakhellesoy opened this Issue · 8 comments

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In ba049aa I had to disable the build of the Clojure module. Can someone with more clojure-fu than me make it build please? /cc @nilswloka @rplevy-draker @duck1123 @mva @hiredman


Clojure will not be in the next release unless someone helps me fix this. /cc @nilswloka @rplevy-draker @duck1123 @mva @hiredman

BTW, sould any of you like to be the maintainer of the Clojure module so I have someone to assign tickets to?


What's the timeframe for fixing this? If next weekend is soon enough, you can assign the ticket to me. What amount of time would I have to invest to become the Clojure module's maintainer?


I spent a little bit of time looking into this a while back when this ticket was first opened. Whatever is going on here, it's not a straight-forward error. I'll take another look and see if I can figure it out as well.

I'd hate to see the Clojure module be dropped.


I just added the missing method definition locally. Clojure module build is now working for me, but I want to wait for the Travis CI run as for some reason, the Rhino module build fails on my machine. If everything is green, I'll submit a pull request.


@nilswloka wrote:

What amount of time would I have to invest to become the Clojure module's maintainer?

Not much. If you look in you'll see that Clojure tickets are relatively rare. I'd say no more than a ticket per month, more likely one per two/three months.

And I see you already fixed it in #471 :-)

I have added you as a committer so I can assign those relatively rare tickets to you tickets hang around for a while without being fixed by others. If you don't have time, just let me know.

@nilswloka nilswloka was assigned

Once a month certainly won't hurt. And it's good for my Clojure fu, too :) Glad to be of help.

@nilswloka nilswloka closed this

Awesome. Can you update please?

@nilswloka nilswloka referenced this issue from a commit
@nilswloka nilswloka Update
Add #461 and #471 to solved issues.


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