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Please implement tagged hooks.

My need: I want to use cucumber-jvm with Capybara. Capybara/cucumber uses a tagged hook (Before '@javascript') to decide how to instantiate its driver.

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What JVM language are you using?


JRuby 1.7.3.


Just ran into the same problem. Capybara on JRuby 1.7.3 is what I want to try.

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@sebrose want to (and got time to) take a stab at this?


Has anyone tried Cucumber JVM - headless engines like Casperjs or Phantomjs. I don want to use JS instead iwant to use Java for writing step defs... is there such implementation done in the past !!



@VKMohan The issue tracker here is for bugs and features, not support. Please ask your question on cukes@googlegroups.com and one of the Cucumber community will be happy to help.

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