Jython scenarioResult parameter in @After hook #582

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lggroapa commented Sep 5, 2013

I might be doing something wrong but i have no ideea how to get acces to the scenarioResult object in the @after hook method in jython steps.

I was looking at the jython code to investigate the problem and in JythonHookDefinition I see the scenarioResult being passed to the JythonBackend

backend.executeHook(hookDefinition, new Object[]{scenarioResult});

But in the JythonBackend the parameter isn't passed inside pyArgs

public void executeHook(PyInstance hookDefinition, Object[] scenarioResults) {
PyObject[] pyArgs = new PyObject[1];
pyArgs[0] = pyWorld;
hookDefinition.invoke("execute", pyArgs);

mfellner added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 6, 2013

Merge branch 'master' into android
# By Aslak Hellesøy (9) and others
# Via Dmytro Chyzhykov (2) and others
* master:
  [TestNG] Java Calculator TestNG example project - #579 issue.
  [Jython] Access to scenario in Before and After hooks. Closes #582.
  Scenario Outlines: Replace tokens in the names of the generated "Example Scenario"s.
  Change some remaining Cucumber.Options to CucumberOptions
  No longer used
  No longer used
  master is SNAPSHOT
  Java Calculator TestNG example project.
  Enable Wicket example, using HtmlUnitDriver so it runs on Travis. Upgraded maven plugins.
  is deprecated in favour of . Closes #549
  Disable wicket example for now
  Updated History.md with Android improvements. Ref #547 and #574.
  Attribution. Fix broken test. Closes #568
  Enable wicket example. Removed incorrect comment about cargo requiring Java 7. It does not. (Jetty 9 does, but we're on 8 now).
  #568 Inherit Information of @Cucumber.Options
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