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nilswloka commented Mar 19, 2012

As requested in #138 (comment), I've brought @hiredman clojure-native up to date with master HEAD.

I had to add xstream as test dependency to a lot of pom.xml to be able to run all tests. Those changes are included with the pull request.

I also added a scenario and some step definitions to make sure all parts of the clojure backend are executed. Maybe someone with better Clojure skills can replace those with unit tests.

Please note that the pull request (with the exception of added clojure snippets) is functionally equivalent to @hiredman 's version, which in turn seems to be equivalent to the former Java-based implementation.

Thus, buildWorld, disposeWorld and setUnreportedStepExecutor do nothing yet.

Oh, and my apologies for messing with whitespace in clojure/pom.xml despite your warning. If this is a problem, just comment and I'll try to fix it.

hiredman and others added some commits Jan 12, 2012

@hiredman hiredman first pass at clojure native backend ee42979
@hiredman hiredman clean up the pom 3e81094
@hiredman hiredman delete old clojure backend 8a45465
@hiredman hiredman Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into clojure-native
@hiredman hiredman track interface change 3f7b2f2
@hiredman hiredman lein plugin for running cukes 4718430
@hiredman hiredman run lein plugin in project's jvm, not lein's ac66f53
@hiredman hiredman misc hackery to deal with file paths vs. classpaths, etc 94ae4d9
@hiredman hiredman don't try and compile the lein plugin 63ef1fb
@hiredman hiredman Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into clojure-native 9cdf7a6
@hiredman hiredman more than one world, who knew? 3ed096c
@hiredman hiredman before and after hooks ad8c7a9
@hiredman hiredman make 'lein cuke' suitable for 'lein interactive' d4ffedd
@nilswloka nilswloka Updated 'clojure-native' of
…to apply cleanly to master HEAD

Changed cucumber.runtime.clj to implement cucumber.runtime.clj.Backend#loadGlue
Implemented getSnippet to return the same snippets as did
Fixed a problem with creating TagExpression in add-hook-definition
Added additional feature to execute clojure-snippet
Added Before and After step definitions to execute add-hook-definition

aslakhellesoy merged commit dcdcef0 into cucumber:master Mar 19, 2012

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