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fixed & simplified groovy step snippets #303

merged 1 commit into from Apr 22, 2012

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hauner commented Apr 21, 2012

the generated groovy snippets do not work out of the box:

When(~"^I run cucumber$") { -> ... }

Error: Indentifier or code block expected, String end expected

the $ is a special character in groovy to embed an expression into a GString, ie. a double quoted string. To disable the groovy $ it has to be escaped...

When(~"^I run cucumber\$") { -> ... }

... or the string has to be quoted with single ticks (to make it a normal String) ...

When(~'^I run cucumber$') { -> ... }

Which has the advantage that the " does not have to be escaped as well. So it is possible to simplify

When(~"^I run cucumber with \"([^\"]*)\"\$") { String arg -> }


When(~'^I run cucumber with "([^"]*)"$') { String arg -> }

I think everyone agrees that this is a lot better.. :-)

@aslakhellesoy aslakhellesoy merged commit 0a6afe5 into cucumber:master Apr 22, 2012
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