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Latest commit 2c6c594 Jun 19, 2017 @mpkorstanje mpkorstanje committed with mpkorstanje [Examples] Fix java webbit websockets selenium
 Updated dependencies and added spiffy new webdriver factory that  in
 combination with the driver-binary-downloader-maven-plugin just works.

 Replaced examples profile with examples module to exclude examples from
 the build by default.

 Related issues:
  - #1033

This fixes #1033


To build all android example modules with maven:

mvn package -pl examples/android -am -amd -P android,android-examples

To clean all android example modules with maven:

mvn clean -pl examples/android -amd -P android-examples

The example projects depend on the current (unreleased) Cucumber-JVM modules. If any of the examples fail to build, just build the android module and its dependencies once first:

mvn clean install -pl android -am

To create a virtual device and start an Android emulator:

$ANDROID_HOME/tools/android avd