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Feature: Rerun profile
In order to concentrate on failing features
As a Rails developer working with Cucumber
I want to rerun only failing features
Scenario: Rerun
Given I have created a new Rails app and installed cucumber-rails
And a file named "rerun.txt" with:
And a file named "features/rerun_test.feature" with:
Feature: Rerun test
Scenario: failing before
Given fixed now
Scenario: always passing
Given passing
And a file named "features/step_definitions/rerun_steps.rb" with:
Given /fixed now/ do
puts "All fixed now"
Given /passing/ do
puts "I've always been passing"
When I successfully run `bundle exec cucumber -p rerun`
Then the feature run should pass with:
1 scenario (1 passed)
1 step (1 passed)
And the file "rerun.txt" should not contain "features/rerun_test.feature:2"