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[bundle exec] cucumber
-## Hacking on Cucumber-Rails
+## Bugs and feature requests
-If you have a bugfix or a new feature you want to contribute, please fork on Github and make your own feature branch:
+The only way to have a bug fixed or a new feature accepted is to describe it with a Cucumber feature. Let's say you think you have found a bug in the cucumber:install generator. Fork this project, clone it to your workstation and check out a branch with a descriptive name:
- git clone
- git checkout -b 87-my-awesome-bugfix
+ git clone
+ git checkout -b bug-install-generator
-The feature branch should contain a ticket number (if applicable) and a descriptive name that aligns with the ticket name.
-When you think you're done send a pull request.
+Start by making sure you can run the existing features. Now, create a feature that demonstrates what's wrong. See the existing features for examples. When you have a failing feature that reproduces the bug, commit, push and send a pull request. Someone from the Cucumber-Rails team will review it and hopefully create a fix.
+If you know how to fix the bug yourself, make a second commit (after committing the failing feature) before you send the pull request.
### Setting up your environment

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