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+## About to create a new Github Issue?
+We appreciate that. But before you do, please learn our basic rules:
+* This is not a support forum. If you have a question, please go to [The Cukes Google Group](
+* Do you have an idea for a new feature? Then don't expect it to be implemented unless you or someone else sends a [pull request]( You might be better to start a discussion on [the google group](
+* Reporting a bug? Please tell us:
+ * which version of Cucumber you're using
+ * which version of Ruby you're using.
+ * How to reproduce it. Bugs with a failing test in a [pull request]( get fixed much quicker. Some bugs may never be fixed.
+* Want to paste some code or output? Put \`\`\` on a line above and below your code/output. See [GFM]('s *Fenced Code Blocks* for details.
+* We love [pull requests]( But if you don't have a test to go with it we probably won't merge it.
+# Contributing to cucumber-rails
+This document is a guide for those maintaining cucumber-Rails, and others who would like to submit patches.
+## Note on Patches/Pull Requests
+* Fork the project. Make a branch for your change.
+* Make your feature addition or bug fix.
+* Make sure your patch is well covered by tests. We don't accept changes to cucumber-rails that aren't tested.
+* Please do not change the Rakefile, version, or history.
+ (if you want to have your own version, that is fine but
+ bump version in a commit by itself so we can ignore when we merge your change)
+* Send us a pull request.
+## Running tests
+ gem install bundler
+ bundle install
+ bundle exec rake
+## Release Process
+* Make sure `` is updated with the upcoming version number, and has entries for all fixes.
+* No need to add a `` header at this point - this should be done when a new change is made, later.
+* Make sure you have up-to-date and clean copy of cucumber/ at the same level as cucumber repo.
+Now release it
+ bundle update
+ bundle exec rake
+ git commit -m "Release X.Y.Z"
+ rake release
+## Gaining Release Karma
+To become a release manager, create a pull request adding your name to the list below, and include your Rubygems email address in the ticket. One of the existing Release managers will then add you.
+Current release managers:
+ * Matt Wynne
+ * Aslak Hellesøy
+ * Kosmas Chatzimichalis
+To grant release karma, issue the following command:
+ gem owner cucumber --add <NEW OWNER RUBYGEMS EMAIL>

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