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Features now take ten minutes since I made this change: 738ab6b, mostly by changing rails new to rails new --skip-bundle. Yay!

Still not nearly fast enough though.

I think we can delete some of the features that were just testing web_steps, e.g. https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-rails/blob/master/features/field_with_errors.feature

I think we could also possibly speed it up using a git repo to hold the rails app and doing a git reset --hard between scenarios. I've experimented with a ramdisk this evening too, but it didn't seem to make much difference. My guess is most of the time is wasted in Ruby requiring files!


It allows clicking links with rails-generated javascript in rack-mode. Perhaps we should document why this code is here?


Okay, how about

It installs a gem half way through!!

Surely that can die? Doesn't that just test old dead web_steps code?


Yeah, that feature can go. It's only testing web_steps.rb. (They are still generated, but only during cucumber's own features, because that meant less features to fix when I removed them from the generator).

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@mattwynne mattwynne Delete legacy feature #163 192768e
Kosmas commented Feb 5, 2014

Closing old issues. If they are still relevant, please reopen

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