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Feature: Internationalization (I18n)
Cucumber supports feature files written in many different languages.
A feature written in another than the default language (English)
must start with a comment line in the following form
"# language: <code>"
where <code> refers to a two-letter (ISO 639-1) language code.
Scenario: A non-english Feature
Given the following feature:
# language: de
Funktionalität: Ein Feature
Szenario: Ein Szenario
Wenn ich "A" sage
Dann muss ich auch "B" sagen
When Cucumber runs the feature
Then the feature passes
Scenario: Only One Language per File
The "# language: <code>"-directive is ignored if it is not the
very first non-empty line in the file.
Given the following feature:
Feature: some feature
# language: de
Scenario: some scenario
When I say "A"
Then I must say "B" as well
When Cucumber runs the feature
Then the feature passes
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