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Cucumber-Tcl over the Wire

This project is intended as an investigation, whether Cucumber-Tcl can be executed via the Cucumber Wire protocol.

Build Status

In case an embedded (as in, in a larger app) Tcl interpreter is used, it might not be viable to link it to Ruby. Starting the wire server might also be a non-standard task if the interpreter is not exposed to the command line. Thus, the added flexibility using Cucumber over the wire.

In this repository, the standard tcl interpreter tclsh is used by default, but the framework can be use by other interpreters just as well.

Running the self-test

gradle or gradlew

Chosing the interpreter

gradle -Dtcl=wish

Keeping the interpreter window open / logging its output

gradle -Dpause=true

On Windows, the interpreter window will be left open. On Linux, its output will be redirected into a log file.


This project builds upon the original cucumber-ruby-tcl, extending the original proc ::cucumber::_add_step with getting the step source location info, and adding two more procs: ::cucumber::get_step_location and (just for the sake of completeness) ::cucumber::And.

server.tcl is the partial implementation of the wire protocol, allowing to start the server using ::cucumber::tcl::wire::startServer 33333.

Locating and sourcing the step definitions is automated only in the build config, and not in the framework itself. All necessary sources, and the framework are sourced in the "suite".