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Textmate Bundle for Cucumber
-This is my fork of
+This is the official TextMate bundle for Cucumber. Installation:
-Please see the original project for more details.
+ mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/
+ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
+ git clone git:// Cucumber.tmbundle
+ osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'
-Things Specific to this Fork
+To install the color themes for the syntax highlighting, install the as follows:
+ open color_themes/Cobalt.tmTheme
+ open color_themes/Sunburst.tmTheme
+ open color_themes/Vibrant\ Ink.tmTheme
+Adaptations of other themes is welcome!
+* Color highlighting for plain text features (supports all the languages that Cucumber does)
+* Snippets for plain text features and step files.
+* Auto-completion of steps in features (Alt+Escape)
+* Predefined completions (escape key) for common feature keywords.
+* Spellchecking turned on by default for the plain text features.
+* Switch between plain text feature and corresponding step matcher file. Shft+Ctrl+Down
+* Choose to go any file of opposite kind (step <-> feature) Shft+Ctrl+Up
+* Run a feature with HTML output.
+* Run a single scenario with HTML output.
Running Specs
@@ -21,3 +41,35 @@ Now you should be able to run both
1. `rake spec`
1. `spec support/spec`
+The Cucumber TM Bundle is currently be maintained by Ben Mabey and Dr. Nic.
+* **Ben Mabey** - Author/Main contributor (stuff)
+* **Dr. Nic** - Main contributor (Snippet and grammar updates, updated 'Run Focused Scenario' command, Autocomplete Step command, Scenario Folding, Choose Alternate File, and more stuff)
+* **John Thornton** - Co-Author of original RSpec Story Runner Bundle
+* **Andre Foeken** - "Original color syntax highlighting":
+* **Tim Harper** - Update Bundle Command, file detection bug fixes, go to step definition fixes, step grammar enhancements.
+* **Aslak Hellesøy** - Rake task improvement, snippet updates, Cucumber!
+* **Pedro Visintin** - Syntax fix
+* **Joseph Wilk** - Syntax extensions for 'Scenario Outline'
+* **Sam Livingston-Gray** - Align Table Cells command
+* **Grant Hollingworth** - Improved step grammar - regexps syntax highlighting, more precise string and comment scopes. Ignore includes for step completion.
+* **Ben Wiseley** - Fix for FileUtils bug
+* **Ashley Moran** - Improved Align Table Cells command
+* **Jari Bakken** - Syntax Highlighting improvements, include support for @tags.
+* **Chris Hoffman** - Improved Step Definition grammar to handle string interpolation when calling other steps.
+* Rethink Alternative-File Command to avoid encouraging "feature coupled steps.":
+* Navigation Commands
+* From a step definition be able to pull up a list of features using that step and to jump to them.
+* Automatically create template step file with pending steps based on the steps used in the feature.
+* Use Cucumber's built in functionality to do this and clean out the story bundle's way.
+* Snippets for tables.
+* Multi-language support for the snippets?

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