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Feature: Wire protocol timeouts
We don't want Cucumber to hang forever on a wire server that's not even there,
but equally we need to give the user the flexibility to allow step definitions
to take a while to execute, if that's what they need.
Given a standard Cucumber project directory structure
And a file named "features/wired.feature" with:
Feature: Telegraphy
Scenario: Wired
Given we're all wired
Scenario: Try to talk to a server that's not there
Given a file named "features/step_definitions/some_remote_place.wire" with:
host: localhost
port: 54321
When I run cucumber -f progress
Then STDERR should match
Unable to contact the wire server at localhost:54321
Scenario: Invoke a step definition that takes longer than its timeout
Given a file named "features/step_definitions/some_remote_place.wire" with:
host: localhost
port: 54321
invoke: 0.1
And there is a wire server on port 54321 which understands the following protocol:
| request | response |
| ["step_matches",{"name_to_match":"we're all wired"}] | ["success",[{"id":"1", "args":[{"val":"wired", "pos":10}]}]] |
| ["begin_scenario"] | ["success"] |
| ["invoke",{"id":"1","args":["wired"]}] | ["success"] |
| ["end_scenario"] | ["success"] |
And the wire server takes 0.2 seconds to respond to the invoke message
When I run cucumber -f pretty
Then STDERR should be empty
And it should fail with
Feature: Telegraphy
Scenario: Wired # features/wired.feature:2
Given we're all wired # Unknown
Timed out calling wire server with message 'invoke' (Timeout::Error)
features/wired.feature:3:in `Given we're all wired'
Failing Scenarios:
cucumber features/wired.feature:2 # Scenario: Wired
1 scenario (1 failed)
1 step (1 failed)
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