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-## [In git master](
+## [v2.0.0.pre (unreleased)](
+Version 2.0 contains a major internal redesign, extracting the core logic of
+parsing and executing tests into a [separate gem](
+Although we've tried to keep the API and behaviour consistent through this change,
+there are bound to be differences our tests haven't picked up. We're still working through
+a backlog of scenarios that are not yet passing. Run `cucumber -p wip` to see them
### New features
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* String arguments passed to step definitions are immutable (frozen). This is
to prevent garbled output in case an argument gets modified. If you need to
modify an argument, `dup` it first. (Aslak Hellesøy)
-* Formatter API changed for `before_step_result` and `after_step_result`, now
- expects an Ast::StepResult. (Steve Tooke)
### Minor changes

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