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Make it possible to overriding the tag filters from a profile with --tags option on command line #146

TylerRick opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It is currently not possible to override the tag filters from a profile.

The default profile, for example, includes a --tags ~@wip filter. But what if you want to use everything from the default profile __except__ the--tags ~@wip` portion?

You might think you could just append something like this to the command line to "undo" the --tags from the profile: --tags @wip,~@wip (anything either tagged with @wip or not tagged with @wip)

Alas, that is not the case. Apparently, it ends up doing an "and" between --tags ~@wip and --tags @wip,~@wip and does match any scenarios.

How can we override the tag filter then? Shouldn't this be possible?

After all, you can override other options from the profile, such as --format.

Possible solutions:

  1. Detect that --tags was explicitly supplied on the command line and replace the --tags filter from the profile with it
  2. Add a --reset-tags option that you can put before your new --tags filter to first get rid of any preexisting tags filters
  3. ?

This sounds like it should be discussed on the mailing list. Can you email it please?


I couldn't find this in the email archives - is it still an request worth investigating?


The request should be discussed on the mailing list. Thus I'm closing the ticket, as soon as the problem will be discussed and we will have some solution/decision I'll file a new ticket or reopen this on.

@os97673 os97673 closed this
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