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A recent discussion in the cucumber/gherkin gitter room revealed that there are (at least) 3 Cucumber linters out there:

The projects are similar, and I think there are some great unique things in each one of them.

What do you think about joining forces to create a single one to rule them all? Ideally in JavaScript since it's easier to use on the web, and also relatively easy to embed into other libraries as well as editors and IDEs.

If you're interested, just reply here and fill out this doodle for a google hangout kickoff meeting.

/cc @enkessler @allustin @vsiakka @r-cochran


I am interested!




I am interested

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Thanks for doodling everyone. I've picked a time the upcoming Friday.

Proposed agenda

  • Introduce ourselves quickly
  • Agree on high level goals for the project
  • Decide what to do next and who does what

We'll take lo-fi minutes in gitter and paste a summary in this ticket later.

Homework before hangout

Study the various implementations listed above and write down a list of things you'd
like to see in the official implementation. This will help us come up with better goals.

Thanks for participating everyone - I'm really excited about this!


Will be glad to join!


Good to go!

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There is also @charlierudolph's that we can use as inspiration

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