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Please follow these guidelines if you want to contribute to Cucumber or help the cucumber team reproduce a problem.

You have found a bug

Before you get in touch and file a ticket in the issue tracker, make sure you have tried the latest gem. Also try to install the latest code from Git. This way you don’t waste the developers’ time by reporting a bug that has already been fixed.

If you are certain you have found a bug, just register a ticket. If you’re not sure, please ask on the mailing list first.

Help us fix it

The only way we can fix a bug is to reproduce it first. If reproducing the bug requires setting up a project, please write a Cucumber Feature that demonstrates the bug. When you have done that, mention it in your ticket or send a pull request.

Explain what gem you have (gem list), what command(s) you ran, what the output is etc.

You want a new feature

Start by creating a ticket. Then, create a Cucumber Feature and start implementing it. It also helps if you add RSpec specs for the low level code.