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The idea behind Cucumber is to test the behaviour of an application. This usually involves SMART user stories created with the stakeholders. Therefore, they must be non-technical, short and easily rearrangeable. But, they must also be testable. The Given-when-then keywords make sure scenarios are testable while providing great guidance to stakeholders.


The Given keyword is used to set up the starting condition of the scenario. This can be a webpage, a GUI window, a logged in user, some data to be used in the tests etc.


Given I am in the cucumber wiki

Given I have the following movies: |title |rating| |Men in Black|PG-13 |

Given I am on the Invoice window


The When keyword specifies an action performed by the user in the given starting condition. It can involve following a link, clicking a button etc.


When I follow the "Add Page" link

When I press the "Find Movie" button

When I fill the quantity with 5


The Then keyword defines the expected behaviour, i.e. what should happen when those conditions are met and this action is performed.


Then I should be on the "Add Page" page

Then I should see the movie titled "Men in Black"

Then my total should be updated

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