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Here is a list of Cucumber related blog posts/tutorials. Please keep in mind that blogs can become dated quickly with a fast moving project like Cucumber. Cucumber’s RDocs and wiki should be considered the canonical documentation source with the, hopefully, most up to date information. Some blog posts may refer to the RSpec Story Runner but they still provide value since Cucumber started out as a rewrite of that project.

Please add any helpful blog posts that you have found or written about all things Cucumber. Also see Related Tools.

Post Description Posting Date
Getting Started with Cucumber and CircleCI Behavior Driven Deployment and Continuous Integration March 17 2017
Cucumber Anti-Patterns Ant-pattern commonly found when using Cucumber June 22 2016
Gradle and Cucumber-JVM Running Cucumber-JVM with Gradle December 26 2015
Cucumber-JVM Hello world with Gradle! Running Cucumber-JVM with Gradle August 24 2014
TuteCumber An intro-level Cucumber.js Tutorial and example project which uses Cucumber.js (obviously) in a Node.js environment and explores BDD in general July 17 2014
Cucumber-JVM Hello world! A Cucumber-JVM Hello World example as presented at I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2014, Bucharest, Romania May 30 2014
Cucumber: An Introduction for Non-Rubyists Setup of Cucumber and basics of Cucumber and Gherkin, written for people with no or only little Ruby experience August 2 2013
Testing Web Applications With Cucumber, Capybara, Poltergeist and PhantomJS Writing beautiful acceptance tests with Cucumber and Capybara August 2 2013
Parallel Cross Browser Testing Go from a blank rails app to using Cucumber, Capybara, and SauceLabs to achieve parallel cross browser tests June 1 2013
Top 5 Cucumber best practices Screncast about 5 basic practices to make your cucumber features more readable and reusable May 21 2013
Continuous Integration and Deployment with Cucumber Screencast about setting up Continuous Integration with Cucumber and Codeship and deploying automatically to Heroku on every change May 7 2013
Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber Screencast introducing Cucumber basics with Ruby on Rails April 30 2013
Cucumber for Perl Cucumber Tests Written in Native Perl December 17 2012
Cucumber-JVM – not just for testing GUIs Implementing same functionality six different ways to show that Cucumber-JVM can drive any testing tool, not just Selenium WebDriver November 1 2012
Test drive an implementation using an Executable Specification Getting started with Cucumber-jvm as presented at Agile Cambridge 2012 by Thomas Sundberg September 28 2012
I18n testing with Cucumber Best practices and code for testing localized Ruby/Rails applications with Cucumber September 21st 2012
How to use System Properties and Maven profiles to change Cucumber-JVM’s behaviour Example of how system properties can be used to alter Cucumber-JVM runtime parameters, such as report format, tags, etc. September 7th 2012
Acceptance Testing C++ with Cucumber and the Wire Protocol Overview of using cucumber-cpp for testing C++ applications by Atomic Object (Greg Williams) May 23 2012
Integration Tests with Cucumber-JVM, Selenium and Maven Example of use of Cucumber-JVM using Maven profiles to run the integration tests. April 30th 2012
Testing a C++ application with Cucumber Felix Petriconi describes how one could pass the gap from the Cucumber/Ruby step definitions to a C++ application December 21 2011
Testing Mule 3.2 with Cucumber Leveraging Cucumber’s specifications to describe Mule tests November 15 2011
Modern Cucumber and Rails: No More Training Wheels Follow-up to Aslak’s “The training wheels came off” article November 7 2011
Testing a web application with Selenium 2 Thomas Sundberg presenting “Automated web testing with Selenium” at Scandev on tour 2012 October 18 2011
The training wheels came off Aslak explains why web_steps.rb is bad October 05 2011
Test drive an implementation using an Executable Specification Thomas Sundberg presenting “Executable Specifications” at Agile By Example 2011 September 16 2011
Running Cucumber/Watir-WebDriver tests on Jenkins in the cloud, for free Alister Scott on how to see up a free EC2 micro instance to run Cucumber automated web tests in Ruby August 29 2011
Step-by-step example of BDD’ing a WPF app with Cucumber, RSpec, IronRuby and Bewildr Nat Ritmeyer goes through a step-by-step example of outside-in development of an MS WPF app with cucumber, rspec, ironruby and bewildr August 27 2011
Cucumber Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet Richard Lawrence on the important bits of regular expressions for Cucumber users August 23 2011
Getting Started with Ruby, Cucumber, and Capybara on Windows Richard Lawrence on how to use Cucumber and Capybara on Windows (without Rails) August 20 2011
Capturing page performance times using Watir-WebDriver & Cucumber Alister Scott on how to use Watir-WebDriver & Cucumber to record web page performance response times August 10 2011
Making your cucumber step definitions more readable with RSpec binary matchers Alister Scott on how to use the inbuilt RSpec matchers to improve step readability August 8 2011
Keeping the browser open when you’re developing a new cucumber test Alister Scott on Cucumber Hooks to keep the browser open August 7 2011
Capturing screenshots in Watir-WebDriver and Cucumber Alister Scott on how to capture screenshots using Watir-WebDriver and embed them into Cucumber HTML results August 4 2011
Composable Features Andrew Premdas talks about applying the composed method technique to features June 27 2011
Composable Features and Tables Andrew Premdas talks about the problems with tables, and why he thinks any table in a cucumber feature is probably a smell! June 27 2011
Specification by Example: a Love Story Alister Scott on the process of introducing Acceptance Test Driven Development and Specification by Example, using a tool like Cucumber May 18 2011
Designing Cucumber scenarios for manual verification Andy Waite on why you should write Cucumber scenarios with manual execution in mind April 24 2011
top 3 ways to mess-up a cucumber functional test suite Vinay Patel shares lessons learnt while working on a huge cucumber test suite April 21, 2011
Automate your Feature and Acceptance Tests in Four Easy Steps Dmitriy “DK” Korobskiy on how to get started with Cucumber, Watir, Watir-WebDriver and Hudson/Jenkins April 5, 2011
Naming and structuring acceptance criteria Andy Waite on tips on keeping your feature suite habitable March 31 2011
Reducing step explosion by decoupling Cucumber steps from your GUI Alister Scott on why page object patterns are important Jan 23 2011
Simple Cucumber + Watir Page Object Pattern Framework Alister Scott on Setting up Cucumber with Watir/Watir-WebDriver/Celerity for maintainability Jan 21 2011
Organizing and classifying Cucumber features: Testing with Vision Alister Scott on organizing and categorizing features by using tags and directories Jan 6 2011
The elements of cucumber style Alister Scott on style guidelines for writing Cucumber features. Jan 4 2011
workflow: bdd of a blog part 1 behaviour driven development of a simple blog with rails3, cucumber and rspec Dec 17 2010
Cucumber + Cuke4Duke + Selenium (WebDriver) = Enlightenment Nice little intro to Cuke4Duke Nov 30 2010
@cheezy UI Tests series part IV Default Data Nov 21, 2010
@cheezy UI Tests series part III Using a simple DSL Nov 19, 2010
@cheezy UI Tests series part II Advanced Page Objects Nov 13, 2010
@cheezy UI Tests series part I Avoid brittleness Nov 9, 2010
An Introduction to Outside-in Development Thoughtbotter Harold Gimenez walks you through Outside In on Rails3 Oct 05, 2010
Cucumber Sauce Run Cucumber tests cross-browsers in parallel via Selenium (Repo) Sept 20, 2010
Practical Cucumber: Organization Advice for organizing steps and features Sept 13, 2010
Practical Cucumber: Factory Girl steps Although they’ve been around for a while, very few people know that factory_girl comes with some really useful cucumber steps. Sept 9, 2010
Practical Cucumber: Scenario-specific steps Cucumber steps are meant to be reused. Sept 8, 2010
Cucumber best practices and tips Organize, clarify and DRY your cucumber scenarios. Sept 5, 2010
Testing custom headers and ssl with Cucumber and Capybara A little capybara hack for modifying the request environment to test custom headers June 23 2010
Outside-In BDD: How?! Sarah Mei gives an excellent explanation of the Outside-In workflow. May 29 2010
Testing Javascript with Cucumber in Javascript Joseph Wilk presents the new Javascript adapter in Cucumber to write step definitions in Javascript May 22 2010
Testing a WPF UI using Ruby, Cucumber and WiPFlash.dll by Ben Hall Mar 16 2010
Testing Excel with Cucumber Attila Domokos shows us how to use Cucumber to verify your Excel forumlas. Mar 14 2010
Java Skeleton Web App + Cuke [Be wary, this site seems to host a trojan] Java Cucumber (cuke4duke) Spring 3 and Selenium Test – Jump Start Web Application. Cucumber is used to drive the WebDriver Browser based tests + more Mar 7 2010
Custom User-Agent with Mechanize Pete Otaqui explains how to pretend you’re a Palm Pre and other devices Mar 8 2010
Pairwise testing with Cucumber Joseph Wilk examines how pairwise testing can help handle combinatorial problems in Cucumber Jan 9th 2010
BDD in .NET with Cucumber, Cuke4Nuke and TeamCity Gojko Adzic gives a great introduction to Cucumber on .NET Jan 1 2010
Yes Mum, I’ll Behave: Beginning Behaviour Driven Infrastructure James Turnbull has a long piece on Cucumber and Nagios Dec 21 2009
Given, When, Then and how not to do it Perryn Fowler explains some antipatterns Nov 24 2009
GLSEC 2009 Talk – Driving Behaviour w/Cucumber Zach Dennis’ beautiful slides give a thorough coverage of BDD, Cucumber, Cuke4Duke and Cuke4Nuke Nov 23 2009
InfoQ Interview with Aslak Hellesøy on Cucumber For .NET Aslak compares Cucumber to Fitnesse and explains how Cucumber works on .NET Nov 12 2009
Cucumber = plain text + Ruby A short writeup from the Øredev conference and Aslak’s live cucumber cocktail mixing Nov 11 2009
Test Driven Deployment – mcollective, puppet, cucumber R.I.Pienaar demos driving his system orchestration tool mcollective with Cucumber features Nov 6 2009
Behavior Driven Infrastructure Martin Englund experiments with Cucumber to verify configuration management sets up machines correctly Nov 6 2009
Using Cucumber with Sketchup Rich Morin explores designing 3D models with Cucumber Nov 03 2009
BDD com Rails e Cucumber Post about Cucumber basics in portuguese Nov 03 2009
Using Cucumber as a scripting language Lindsay Holmwood explores using Cucumber for general sysadmin scripting tasks Nov 1 2009
Testing Couchapps with Cucumber and Culerity CouchDB and CouchApp goodness Oct 25 2009
How-to: Use Cucumber with .NET and C# under IronRuby A short introduction Oct 14 2009
Getting started with Cucumber, RSpec, Webrat and multiruby Nice step-by step introduction to Cucumber using Google and Webrat+Mechanize by James Coglan Oct 3 2009
Features, Specs and Maps Andrew Premdas explains what can be gained by thinking about features and specs as different sorts of maps to the territory that is the application August 31, 2009
Rails: RSpec, Cucumber, Authlogic, and factory_girl Shannon -jj Behrens explains how to get RSpec, Cucumber, Authlogic, and factory_girl to all play nicely together July 17 2009
Rails: Cucumber, Authlogic, and Machinist How to get Cucumber, Authlogic, and Machinist to work together Sept 6 2009
15 Expert Tips for Using Cucumber BDD/TDD guru Dave Astels shares great Cucumber practices Aug 5 2009
Rails: Dynamic 404s, authlogic, Cucumber, and rescue_from Shannon -jj Berens explains how to get dynamic 404s, authlogic, Cucumber, and rescue_from to all play nicely together Aug 13 2009
Slides: Cucumber meets iPhone Ian Dees is at OSCON showing off a kick-ass way to test iPhone apps Jul 22 2009
TwitterAuth Integration Testing Nick Plante explains how to test integration with Twitter’s OAuth using Cucumber Jul 13 2009
Slides: Cucumbered Joseph Wilk talking about Cucumber at FutureRuby with an IPhone example Jul 12 2009
Screencast: Testing Flex Apps with Cucumber Get your hands dirty with Flex, FunFX and Cucumber Jul 08 2009
Integration test with Cucumber and Webrat Presentation in Chinese by Kang-min Liu Jul 1 2009
Introduction to BDD with Cucumber Great little introduction Jun 23 2009
Cucumber and Celerity Testing unobtrusive Javascript Jun 16 2009
Adding XHTML output validation to Cucumber stories Use Easy Markup Validation with Cucumber Jun 16 2009
Cucumber and IronRuby: It runs! William Green shares updated adventures with Cucumber on .NET Jun 14 2009
The return of the Cucumber Noel Rappin shares some thoughts on style Jun 12 2009
Webrat: Automated Acceptance Testing with RSpec or Cucumber Side by side comparison of Cucumber and RSpec (in RedMine!) Jun 11 2009
Cucumber Rocks – But it’s not a replacement for unit tests Don’t put all your eggs in the Cucumber basket! Jun 10 2009
Cucumber, Webrat … Who Names These Things? Nice little diagram explaining how Cucumber relates to RSpec, Webrat and Selenium Jun 10 2009
Cucumber scenarios that depend on Sphinx How to use Cucumber with ThinkingSphinx Jun 01 2009
Mind the gap Joseph Wilk’s article in European Software Tester magazine May 21 2009
What’s Mining: Cucumber support The JetBrains RubyMine team is working on Cucumber support May 13 2009
Rails Test Prescriptions E-book on Rails testing — free version contains long Cucumber tutorial May 10 2009
New project: Gutkumber Integration testing for Ruby-GNOME2 May 10 2009
Aslak’s Slides from RailsConf 09 You can get the audio here May 06 2009
Cucumber is hot technology at developer event InfoWorld interview with Aslak Hellesøy at RailsConf 09 May 06 2009
More on Cucumber How to use tables and tags. May 03 2009
Using Cucumber to test Erlang Servers Cucumber, JRuby, JInterface and more May 2 2009
Try adding Cucumber to Watir Cucumber+Watir tutorial Apr 17 2009
20 articles on Cucumber and a free beverage recipe! 20 awesome links Apr 9 2009
Cucumber On JRuby inside Eclipse Allows RCP based apps to be tested with Cucumber Apr 10 2009
Capistrano recipes with cucumber Jeff’s Blog @ Pivotal labs Apr 5 2009
What? NetBeans 6.5.1 Can Now Recognize My Cucumber .feature Files! Cucumber + Netbeans plugin Apr 2 2009
Outside-in Development with Cucumber and RSpec Joseph Wilk’s slides from Scotland on Rails Mar 30 2009
Testing outbound emails Cucumber Emails…. Mar 26 2009
Using Cucumber for Acceptance Testing Using Cucumber for Acceptance Testing Mar 20 2009
Slides from Outside-In Development with Cucumber Ben Mabey’s slides from MWRC presentation Mar 14 2009
Story Driven Development Recipes with Cucumber Not detailed, but nice to be on InfoQ :-) Mar 03 2009
Using Cucumber with Machinist A basic tutorial for people starting out. Explains how to use machinist instead of fixtures with cucumber. Mar 08 2009
Testing Dash metrics with Cucumber Using Cucumber to test metrics Mar 01 2009
Cucumber metrics with Dash Gathering progress metrics with Dash Feb 28 2009
Web app integration testing for sysadmins with cucumber-nagios Monitor web sites with Cucumber Feb 23 2009
Mixing Cucumber with Test::Unit/Shoulda Title says it all Feb 20 2009
Using Cucumber to Integrate Distributed Systems and Test Messaging Testing asynchronous messaging Feb 17 2009
Getting started with Cucumber and Sinatra Sinatra loves Cucumbers Feb 05 2009
Leveraging Test Data Builders in Cucumber Steps Step definitions for creating objects from step tables. Feb 5 2009
iPhone GUI testing Cucumber meets the iPhone Feb 2 2009
Ruby-GNOME2 testing Testing Ruby-GNOME2 applications with Cucumber March 8 2009
One Smart Cucumber Business value Jan 28 2009
Testing with the help of machinist, forgery, cucumber, webrat and rspec Using test data with Cucumber in a Rails app Jan 7 2009
rails 2 day 4: rcov and more behavior-driven development Cucumber+RCov Tutorial Dec 29 2008
rails 2 day 3: behavior-driven development Tutorial of basic Cucumber usage and workflow. Dec 22 2008
Feature Injection and handling technical stories Explains how to phrase technical stories and focus on business value in all types of stories. Sept 10 2008
Telling a good story – Rspec stories from the trenches Discussion of common pitfalls when writing plain-text stories/features. Aug 5 2008
Imperative Vs Declarative Scenarios in User Stories Discussion about trade-offs of different scenario writing styles. May 19 2008
rspec plain text stories + webrat = chunky bacon! Motivation and tutorial for webrat in features. Feb 4 2008
What’s in a Story? Dan North’s first post about writing stories. Feb 11 2007