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include "script_comment.lang"
include "number.lang"
keyword = '^([[:space:]]*(?:Ale |A |Tak |Keď |Pokiaľ |\* |Príklady|Náčrt Scenáru|Scenár|Pozadie|Požiadavka))'
comment = '^([[:space:]]*\'(?:[^\\\']|\\.)*\'[[:space:]]*|[[:space:]]*\"(?:[^\\\"]|\\.)*\"[[:space:]]*)$'
string delim '([[:space:]]*\'{3})' '(\'{3})' multiline
string delim '([[:space:]]*\"{3})' '(\"{3})' multiline
string delim "\"" "\"" escape "\\"
string delim "'" "'" escape "\\"
type = '(@[^@\r\n\t ]+)'
specialchar = "\|"
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