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Feature: Gherkin Steps parser
In order to save time and make my features clearer
As a Cucumber developer
I want a steps parser to make writing compound steps easier
Given a "ruby" "steps" parser
Scenario: Parsing steps
Given the following text is parsed:
Given a one step
And a two step
Here is a multiline string
That follows a step
With an argument #{arg}
And a one two three step
When another step
Then there should be a table
| one | two | three |
| foo | bar | #{arg} |
Then there should be no parse errors
Scenario: Trying to parse a full feature with the step parser
Given the following text is parsed:
Feature: A Feature
Scenario: Yes, there is one
Given I have a step
When I execute this step
Then something should happen
Then there should be parse errors on lines 1 and 2
Scenario: Tags
Given the following text is parsed:
Given a step
When I trip
Then I should sign up for dancing lessons
Then there should be a parse error on line 1
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