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NuGet package is not properly packaged #148

aslakhellesoy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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See #144


The assembly is indeed in the package, it just has the wrong path. Unzip the file and see the contents:

    272 Nov 22 07:53 .
   1258 Nov 22 07:53 ..
    431 Mar 15  1913 [Content_Types].xml
    102 Nov 22 07:53 _rels
 997963 Nov 22 07:53 gherkin.2.6.6.nupkg
   1062 Oct  1  1912 gherkin.nuspec
2578432 Oct  2  1912 lib%2Fgherkin.dll
    102 Nov 22 07:53 package

The %2F is the URL-encoded representation of /, so I guess this is NuGet.exe being confused about non-windows path separators.

I'm going to commit a fix soon.


I have just published a new release. @x97mdr - can you confirm that the new 2.6.7 package is ok?


Confirmed. Works beautifully! thanks


Sweet! Thanks mate

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