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I was thinking of a project to work on in Rust and cucumber sprang to mind. I saw that a Gherkin3 parser in Rust was on the wish list. I read the and love the rationale behind keeping the code as similar as possible. I am starting this issue to see if there is still an interest, if people are already are working on it and general and tricks.

It probably goes without saying that I can not fully commit to delivering a complete implementation, but I am willing to gain some experience.


Oh absolutely @dvberkel! We'd love a Rust implementation.

Feel free to ask questions in this ticket or in the gitter chat room. I'd be happy to guide you. It's a fun challenge. Some people have been able to deliver a fully working parser and compiler in 3-4 days - to give you an idea. How much time it actually takes obviously depends on a lot of other factors.

Thanks for offering to contribute - looking forward to helping you out!

dyule commented Mar 21, 2016

Hey @dvberkel I was just about to open a very similar issue. I'd be quite pleased to help out with implementing a Rust parser.


Hi @dyule that is great news! I have not really started working on a Rust implementation yet. I first wanted to explore the project to get a feel for how other languages are implementing Gherkin.

It would be great to work together. Let's see how things develop.


@dyule I just made you collaborator to my fork of Gherkin. I figured it would be the easiest way to collaborate. If you are uncomfortable working on my fork, feel free to let my know.


I have opened issues on my fork to discuss implementation details for the Rust parser

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