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Better expressions in Slovak language #208

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The capitalisation of Scenáru/scenára is inconsistent. Can you fix this please?

Michal Kvasničák capitalisation fix 1dd0496

It is interesting that this branch fails to build because of zh_tw :-/

On local this branch and master fails:

michal@michal-VPCF12M1E /var/www/gherkin-1 $ rake
mkdir -p /var/www/
ragel -R /var/www/gherkin-1/tasks/../ragel/i18n/zh_tw.rb.rl -o lib/gherkin/lexer/zh_tw.rb
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (127): [ragel -R /var/www/gherkin-1/tasks/../ragel...]

Tasks: TOP => default => spec => compile => lib/gherkin/lexer/zh_tw.rb
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

What's the output of ragel -R /var/www/gherkin-1/tasks/../ragel/i18n/zh_tw.rb.rl -o lib/gherkin/lexer/zh_tw.rb?

What's your ragel --version, the output of rake --trace and your shell's encoding? (LANG and/or LC_TYPE).


Sorry, it was my fault. Ragel wasn't installed on my system. After installation I've ran rake on master and it was ok. Then I've ran rake on my branch and there was error exactly as one on travis.

But! I don't understand this error. There seems to be something wrong with output.

There is piece of output:


  1) Gherkin::I18n keywords should report keyword regexp
     Failure/Error: Gherkin::I18n.keyword_regexp(:step).should =~ /\|Quando \|Quand \|Quan \|Pryd \|Pokud \|/
       expected: /\|Quando \|Quand \|Quan \|Pryd \|Pokud \|/
            got: "하지만|조건|먼저|만일|만약|단|그리고|그러면|
       @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
       -/\|Quando \|Quand \|Quan \|Pryd \|Pokud \|/

But I've only added some words to Slovak definition. Is it possible that my commits leads to build fails?

Lang on my system is en_US.UTF-8


Don't worry about that failure - probably a test that's too brittle. I'll fix that.

I'll merge your changes into the next release.


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Commits on Nov 1, 2012
  1. better slovak translation

    Michal Kvasničák authored
  2. capitalisation fix

    Michal Kvasničák authored
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Showing with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +6 −6 lib/gherkin/i18n.json
12 lib/gherkin/i18n.json
@@ -534,15 +534,15 @@
"sk": {
"name": "Slovak",
"native": "Slovensky",
- "feature": "Požiadavka",
+ "feature": "Požiadavka|Funkcia|Vlastnosť",
"background": "Pozadie",
"scenario": "Scenár",
- "scenario_outline": "Náčrt Scenáru",
+ "scenario_outline": "Náčrt Scenáru|Náčrt Scenára|Osnova Scenára",
"examples": "Príklady",
- "given": "*|Pokiaľ",
- "when": "*|Keď",
- "then": "*|Tak",
- "and": "*|A",
+ "given": "*|Pokiaľ|Za predpokladu",
+ "when": "*|Keď|Ak",
+ "then": "*|Tak|Potom",
+ "and": "*|A|A tiež|A taktiež|A zároveň",
"but": "*|Ale"
"sr-Latn": {
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