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BelgoMISP Meeting 0x01

Date & Location

When? 13-Dec-2019, from 5PM until 8PM (Brussels time)

Where? NVISO Office, Guimardstraat 8, Belgium

There will be water and coffee. No food.

Signup to attend

Guidelines and Topics


One of our key goals is building a trusted MISP user community in Belgium.

  • Talks are TLP:WHITE unless otherwise specified;
  • Talks will not be recorded.


  • Talks are in English and can last about 20' to 30'
  • Slides are strongly encouraged and if you plan to present with slides, they should be provided to the organizers in advance.

Suggested Topics

  • Discuss usage of MISP outside of traditional threat intelligence cases
  • Custom taxonomies and tagging
  • Dealing with threat intelligence (sharing, processing, ...) in general
  • Internal MISP modules
  • Air-gapped MISP systems
  • ...


Submit a pull request with your proposal for presentation or contact us via Twitter.

Name Title Description
Koen Van Impe What's BelgoMISP about? Building a trusted MISP user community in Belgium
Borce Stojkovski UX An interactive session to solicit user feedback from participants and uncover the strengths and weaknesses of MISP
Break Coffee and water are provided
Andras Iklody / Alexandre Dulaunoy MISP AMA
Nathalie Van Raemdonck How are states taking up their international infosec role? With digital tools penetrating society increasingly, the risks of an insecure information space are becoming more impactful every day. Consequently, ICT security is becoming more a business of states, who are pushing for more international cooperation on securing 'cyberspace'. What processes are at play at the international level, what are future pitfalls to this evolution and what impact do these efforts have for incident responders?
All Open discussion on MISP usage and integrations Slot where everyone can share use cases or integrations which were recently done
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