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Analysis of Champaign County poverty
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Analyzing Poverty in Champaign County

Overview and Problem Statement

Poverty affects over 21% of people in Champaign County according to a recent sample of residents. This project aims to find key factors and predictors for poverty status in Champaign County that could be leveraged for actionable insights.

The Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) makes available various datasets for Champaign County that can be leveraged. The Poverty Status dataset by municipality/township can be utilized as a target for building a model. Additional CCRPC datasets (Employment status, Employment by sector, Family income distribution, Age and sex, Historical population by municipality, Commuter mode, Work travel time, Median housing value, Educational attainment) can be used to analyze factors related to poverty. The datasets are aggregated which will make it a challenge to identify causation, but correlation factors could lead to potential actionable insights.

Data Details

The dataset in the repo is the poverty status data sets by county, municipality, and townhip. Additional datasets can be found here:

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