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Insights into the UIUC student population
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Forecasting the UIUC student population

Organization Name

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The University of Illinois has a very diverse student body. It welcomes students from all over the world and from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. The goal of this project is to provide some meaningful insights into different aspects of the University's student population (e.g., enrollment, graduation rates, financial aid, etc.).

Problem Statement

Forecasting UIUC enrollment is a valuable endeavor to help understand the future viability of various parts of the university and provide insights into allocation of resources. The forecast can be granular broken out by undergraduate and graduate programs, or can be an overall forecast.

Evaluation criteria

Minimum mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) in forecasting UIUC enrollment

Data Details

There is a lot of information and datasets that can help you address this challenge. Here are some helpful links:

Source Description
UIUC Division of Management Information A lot of historical information on UIUC demographics (student enrollment; freshmen demographics; enrollment by student level, race, and gender; foreign students by country; historical enrollments & historical degrees; freshmen retention rates; six-year graduation rates; admissions; financial aid; etc.)
NCES College Navigator Summary data (general information; tuition, fees, and estimated student expenses; financial aid; enrollment; admissions; retention and graduation rates; programs/majors; campus security; etc.)
College Scorecard Summary data (cost; financial aid & debt; graduation & retention; earnings after school; SAT/ACT scores; academic programs; etc.)
NCES IPEDS Summary data (institution characteristics; admissions and test scores; student financial aid; net price; enrollment; retention & graduation; etc.)
Illinois Board of Higher Education Summary data (student success measures; enrollments; degrees/certificates; finance; etc.)
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