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You drop. We chop.

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Dropchop is a browser-based GIS powered by Mapbox.js and Turf.js. The need for small-scale GIS operations comes up quite frequently in our work, especially for those without much time. Dropchop aims to empower your spatial data by removing complexity. This project is currently a proof-of-concept and explores three hypotheses:

  1. GIS can be data-first, not operation-first.
  2. GIS doesn't always require a server.
  3. GIS is open.

buffer > buffer > union

User's Manual

Check out the user manual in the wiki.


All of this work is made possible by CUGOS, an open-source geo community based in Seattle.


Contributions of all types are very welcome! Information on contributing to Dropchop can be found in the file. Submit ideas as issues, work on bugs, add new features. Here's to our contributors!