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February 19th 2020, 6pm - Astronomy/Physics Tower, UW
University of Washington
6th Floor - Astronomy/Physics Tower, University of Washington Main Campus
February 19th 2020 CUGOS Monthly Meeting
The Astronomy/Physics Tower on UW Campus near the intersection of 15th Ave NE and NE Pacific St.

Ariel Kadouri will talk about the #30DayMapChallenge, and how I made nearly a map a day until day 17.

Peter Keum will talk about WA State Parcel Viewer using data from WA GIS Portal. I'll talk about various open source tools (GDAL, QGIS, Tippecanoe etc..) to convert, assemble, create, and deploy this web app. I'll share the draft web map link at the meeting. (20 min)

Michael Patrick, who is a long time member of CUGOS, will share his experience of mentoring a graduate CS class tasked to build a project for a non-profit group via Democracy Lab. (30 min)

Dustin Carlino will brainstorm how recent advancements in A/B Street's infrastructure could be used for other OpenStreetMap-based tools. Ideas include a city "bug tracker", a restaurant menu search using open data, and an OSM viewer making node/way inspection easier. This is a brainstorming / discussion session. (20 min)

Elect CUGOS Board of Directors. We have pending Board retirements; and we have nominees.

@you Introduce yourself! Or re-introuduce yourself! Please tell us about something cool you are working on, playing with, or otherwise inspires or puzzles you. Add yourself here.

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Reminder about some other cool open source and/or geo-related meetups in the area:

OpenStreetMap Seattle
Puget Sound QGIS Users
Seattle Postgres Users
Maptime Seattle

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