APFS filesystem format for Kaitai Struct
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APFS filesystem format for Kaitai Struct (http://kaitai.io/)


Use the Kaitai WebIDE to examine APFS filesystems and to continue reverse engineering APFS: https://ide.kaitai.io/devel/ (the development version currently supports some nice additional features). A brief explanation of how the Web IDE works: https://github.com/kaitai-io/kaitai_struct_webide/wiki/Features


Information about the checksum calculation can be found in checksum.md.

More documentation on APFS

Tools with APFS support

  • iBored by Thomas Tempelmann: Free hex editor with support for APFS volumes starting in version 1.2 (Note that these beta versions may contain support only for APFS, whereas the official (older) release supports many other formats like FAT, HFS etc.. While it does currently not read this ksy file for its templates feature, its templates.xml file is modeled (manually) after this ksy file.
  • Find Any File by Thomas Tempelmann: Fast search for filenames on a disk.


Pull requests and issues are welcome!