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AuthPaper and HiQ: High Capacity Color QR Codes

This is the official github for the research project AuthPaper: Protecting Paper-based Documents / Credentials Using Authenticated 2D Barcodes and HiQ: Robust and Fast Decoding of High-Capacity QR Codes

More project details can be found here : .

Both works are developed upon ZXing.

The source code of this project has been used in, a company providing document anti-forgery solutions.

If you are using this work, please cite the following papers:

  title={Robust and fast decoding of high-capacity color QR codes for mobile applications},
  author={Yang, Zhibo and Xu, Huanle and Deng, Jianyuan and Loy, Chen Change and Lau, Wing Cheong},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Image Processing},
  title={Towards robust color recovery for high-capacity color QR codes},
  author={Yang, Zhibo and Cheng, Zhiyi and Loy, Chen Change and Lau, Wing Cheong and Li, Chak Man and Li, Guanchen},
  booktitle={Image Processing (ICIP), 2016 IEEE International Conference on},
  title={AuthPaper - Protecting Paper-based Documents/ Credentials using Authenticated 2D Barcodes},
  author={Li, Chak Man and Hu, Pili and Lau, Wing Cheong},
  booktitle={IEEE International Conference on Communications},
  title={Demo: AuthPaper - Protecting Paper-based Documents/ Credentials using Authenticated 2D Barcodes},
  author={Li, Chak Man and Hu, Pili and Lau, Wing Cheong},
  booktitle={ACM MobiSys},

For the Authpaper project, this code base consists of our modified zxing core library, a Tomcat webapp for creating QR codes with or without digital signature, and an Android-based QR code scanner application which scans the Authenticated QR codes and color QR codes created from this project.

For the HiQ project, the code base consists of a desktop-based generator, decoder, MatLab code on training the color classifer and some HiQ examples. Users may use the mobile application to scan the HiQ, with proper color classifier.


  • libsvm (for matlab code in HiQ project)
  • ZXing (for other modules)

Code Contributors

  • Chak Man Li
  • Zhibo Yang
  • Guanchen Li

Color QR code Dataset: CUHK-CQRC

A dataset containing more than 5k color QR codes images captured by a variety of smartphones under different lighting conditions.

Example HiQ Codes

Current Work to Do

Integrate both projects into one Provide enough helping documents

More details to come...

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