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Vetting Single Sign-On SDK Implementations via Symbolic Reasoning
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setup notes


This is the official code used in paper Vetting Single Sign-On SDK Implementations via Symbolic Reasoning. This code is based on another project, PyExZ3 ( We have added serveral features to support the verification with user-defined conditions.

If you are using this work, please cite the following paper:

@inproceedings{yang2018vetting, title={Vetting Single Sign-On ${$SDK$}$ Implementations via Symbolic Reasoning}, author={Yang, Ronghai and Lau, Wing Cheong and Chen, Jiongyi and Zhang, Kehuan}, booktitle={27th ${$USENIX$}$ Security Symposium (${$USENIX$}$ Security 18)}, pages={1459--1474}, year={2018} }


Please follow the instructions in to setup the environment. Notice that we only support CVC4 as the theorem prover.

If you are using Mac or Ubuntu, you can follow platform-specific instructions for Ubuntu and Mac OS 10.14.


After configuring the environment, run the following code to check if the environment is cnofigured correctly.

python3 test/

For commandl line syntax, run the folllowing code to show the detailed syntax


Output is under directory /verify.

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