Support ES.Harmony syntax #75

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Currently, the curl/loader/cjsm11 module allows devs to work with CJS Modules/1.1 files without pre-wrapping them (aka "naked cjs modules"). When it appears that the ES.Harmony modules specification is stabilizing, we should also create a curl/loader/harmony loader module.

packages: [
{ name: "my/harmonyPkg", location: "my/harmonyPkg", moduleLoader: "curl/loader/harmony"" }

curl.js will parse and auto-convert all modules in the "my/harmonyPkg" package (if the environment doesn't support Harmony already). And even if it does support Harmony, curl.js may have to map paths since the Harmony spec doesn't currently specify any path mapping.


This will be added shortly after curl.js 0.8.

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