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Most Core Packages & Examples

Name Description
sample A standalone implementation of sample and sampleArray
multicast Efficient source sharing of an underlying streamy
hold Deliver the most recently seen event to new observers
create Imperatively push events into a Stream
dom-event Streamlined DOM Events
examples Most.js examples

Most Tools for Contributors

Name Description
prelude Base functional programming utils for mostjs packages
package-starter A well-crafted starter for mostjs packages
eslint-config-most Shareable ESLint config for mostjs packages

Most Community Packages

Name Description
most-proxy Circular dependencies for most
most-subject Subjects for Most.js
most-test Unit Testing Tools for Most.js
mostify Like promisify but for most.js
last Wait for the last event to play
most-static-land Static Land Stream type for Most
most-dispatch A selective multicast operator for Most.js
about About the mostjs community, how to contribute, and code of conduct
most-file-reader FileReader combinator for most
most-combineobj Transform an object of streams into a stream of objects
most-chunksOf Splits a list into length-n pieces
most-proxy Circular dependencies for most
most-buffer Gather streams events into buffers (part of craft-ai/most-utils
most-limiter Lossless rate limiter (part of craft-ai/most-utils
most-nth Gets the event at ordinal index n of a stream as a Promise (part of craft-ai/most-utils
most-range Creates a stream of numbers in a range (part of craft-ai/most-utils