scothis Removed old IE XDomainRequest client and xhr and xdr interceptors
Old IE is no longer supported or tested. Removing code dedicated to old
IE that is not interesting to any other environment.

The client and interceptors will still work, if needed, they can be copied
directly into a project.
Latest commit d613afe Jun 17, 2016

rest.js Documentation

Core Facilities


How interceptors are applied to clients with configuration. Descriptions for all interceptors provided with rest.js including configuration properties. How to create custom interceptors using the interceptor factory with links to real interceptors that demonstrate different interceptor characteristics.


Description of built in clients including the default client and client specific properties.

Common Interfaces

Common methods and properties for request/response objects, clients and interceptors.

RESTful Concepts

Content Negotiation

Support for serializing/deserializing objects to/from HTTP requests/responses.

Optional Libraries


Declarative client configuration with wire.js.