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@briancavalier briancavalier Fix typo 2ce0e7d
@briancavalier briancavalier Add when.try, join/spread antipattern 01f88e4
@anodynos anodynos added issue 322 34219c4
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Anti patterns (markdown) c21ed7e
@briancavalier briancavalier Add timeout + default value recipe ef3212f
@briancavalier briancavalier Created Return a default value for a promise that times out (markdown) c3dd6d6
@briancavalier briancavalier Created Control concurrency with `map` and `guard` (markdown) cda1c76
@briancavalier briancavalier Add placeholders for two more recipes 6cfdf4d
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated First fulfilled promise by array order (markdown) fa0334d
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated First fulfilled promise by array order (markdown) 15004e9
@briancavalier briancavalier Remove old link 5d1db64
@briancavalier briancavalier Add recipe: first fulfilled promise by array order aa080c1
@briancavalier briancavalier Start revising/updating the wiki. Add initial cookbook and antipatterns 819b6e0
@briancavalier briancavalier Add missing canvas initial value for reduce example. See #315. Delete when.chain 814f5aa
@trevorsenior trevorsenior flipped arguments in the timeout call 5e56e74
@cambecc cambecc fix reference to wrong variable in onRejected callbacks a1e3a0b
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Home (markdown) e854b6b
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Home (markdown) 26e2561
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Promise (markdown) 9529526
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Home (markdown) 0055a5d
@webpro webpro Added Part 3 of async tuts d73b268
@webpro webpro s/its/it-s/ 3323cd1
@briancavalier briancavalier Add deprecation notice 11cee69
@hguillermo hguillermo Updated Examples (markdown) e906664
@tatablack tatablack Updated when delay (markdown) 447c818
@lupincn lupincn Updated Examples (markdown) a0c51d7
@lupincn lupincn Updated Examples (markdown) cc0b70e
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Home (markdown) 648fe2e
@briancavalier briancavalier Updated Changelog (markdown) 4a60021
@briancavalier briancavalier Changelog moved to repo, link to it e2bfb20
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