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Short Term
TODO: build SQLReport that is based on instances configured in backend
TODO: add command that generates specified reports and puts them in a certain spot
TODO: add table row sorting
TODO: figure out per page aggregates (right now that is not accessible in get_rows)
TODO: maybe allow fields in queryset report to be callable on the model?
TODO: look into group bys, try an example
TODO: create an intuitive filter system for non-queryset based reports
TODO: make today type redirects and add date_field specifier (almost done)
TODO: add fine-grained permissions per report
TODO: add template tag for embeddable reports
TODO: add per day (or month) aggregate date_field capabilities
TODO: setup a mechanism to have an "offline" report. You click to generate the report, it gets queued, and a queue processor hits it. That way multiple requests for the same report are handled outside of the actual apache processes
Long Term
TODO: build xml file for exporting permissions to Google SDC for secure google spreadsheet importing
TODO: Add oauth for outside report gathering/pulling
TODO: Add support for embedded graphs and charts (maybe alternate output format that allows embedding?)
TODO: Create emailer model that allows you to specify a certain report+filter and have it emailed daily