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An input manager for Unity that tames the cross-platform controller beast.
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The open source edition of InControl is now discontinued by the original creator, Patrick Hogan. It was be frozen at version 1.4.4, with only basic bug and Unity compatibility fixes being applied. The repository remains available, but no new features will be added or significant changes made. I, Cukia Kimani forked the original and changed some stuff.

Small teeny weeny changes like:

  1. When the InControlManager component is marked Don't Destroy On Load, it will destroy any other instances of the object when navigating to another scene.
  2. Due to the controller assignment problem, I also included a Join Screen example to the project

Future feature development continues on the Unity Asset Store version exclusively.

For more information on this change, please see this blog post:


InControl is an input manager for Unity3D that standardizes input mappings across various platforms for common controllers.

Documentation is available at:

InControl is also available on the Unity Asset Store for a modest price. If you find this project beneficial, please consider supporting its ongoing development. You'll have the convenience of easy installation and updates right from the Unity Editor. Certain features are available on the Asset Store version only, and will not be open sourced in the repository.

Current features available only in the Asset Store include:


You may use InControl, modified or unmodified, in any and all games that you create for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, in the spirit of this being an open source project, it is expressly forbidden to sell or commercially distribute InControl apart from your games. It may under no circumstances be repackaged or included in any plugin sold on the Unity Asset Store or elsewhere, whether in source or DLL form. No exceptions.

Handcrafted by Patrick Hogan [twittergithubwebsite]

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