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Columbia Libraries Unified Search & Discovery

Getting started on OSX

  1. Install tools

    • install XCode from app store and Xcode command line tools

    • install mysql

    • install homebrew

        ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
    • install git

        brew install git
    • install rvm

        \curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby
    • install Qt webkit more information

        brew install qt
  2. Get set up with git

    • create an account on if you don't already have one
    • configure your git user name and email

        git config --global "Your Name"
        git config --global ""
    • Install github for mac (optional, but has some very nice features)

  3. Fork and clone the repo

    • fork the repo (fork button at top right of github web interface)
    • clone the new forked repo onto your dev machine

        git clone
  4. Prepare your local environment

    • change to the app directorycd clio-spectrum

    • check out the develop branch git checkout develop

    • run bundle to install the gems

    • run the database migrations rake db:migrate

    • rename the config files

        mv config/blacklight.yml.SAMPLE config/blacklight.yml
        mv config/database.yml.SAMPLE config/database.yml
        mv config/app_config.yml.SAMPLE config/app_config.yml
    • load the Locations, Libraries and Library Hours

        rake hours:sync
        rake locations:load
  5. Start the server rails s

  6. Visit the running app in your browser at localhost:3000

  7. Run the test suite

    • prepare your test database

        rake db:test:prepare
        rake hours:sync RAILS_ENV=test
        rake locations:load RAILS_ENV=test
    • run rspec and ensure that all tests are passing (green)

Contributing to CLIO

Contributions can be submitted to CLIO by making a pull request, following GitHub's fork-and-pull model. Pull requests should be submitted from feature (topic) branches and be based on CLIO's develop (not master) branch.

Read more about the GitHub workflow.

  1. Create a feature branch off the develop branch

    git fetch origin
    git checkout origin/develop
    git checkout -b your-new-branch
  2. Make and commit your changes

  3. Assure that the test suite is all green

  4. Submit a pull request to the develop branch