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rbml-archivesspace/ead_process is a script to select data from two different XML sources, and populate a Google Sheet to review individual elements from both side by side. This was developed as a pre-migration QC process for CUL migration of legacy finding aids into ArchivesSpace.


Variables to assign:

  • data_folder1: relative path to one set of XML
  • data_folder2: relative path to second set of XML
  • file_list1 and file_list2: plain-text lists of filenames (with paths relative to above as needed)
  • the_sheet: id of Google Sheet
  • range1 and range2: names of tab in the_sheet and range sufficient to erase/replace everything
  • legacyQs and asQs: 2 dicts of tag names and Xpath expressions to reach them (namespaced, as needed); the keys will become head in the respective sheets

Optionally, a "secrets" file can be used to privately store the id of a Google Sheet to interact with.

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