Matrix Operations in Haskell
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C++ MatrixOperations


Matrix Operations in Haskell

Instructions for running the code:

Haskell code can be run through Glasgow Haskell Compiler(ghci)
Instructions to download ghci can be found here
This code was tested on ghci v8.0.2

C++ code can be run by compiling the code through g++ or Visual Studio
Requirements for C++ code: All the files must be in the same directory

Objective of this project

To demostrate difference in programmer effort in terms of intuitive code and readability of code between languages and paradigms of programming languages. Here we are comparing matrix operations: A basic requirement as CS students, in two paradigms: Object oriented programming and functional programming

Further goals achievable

  1. Add more matrix operations
  2. Pivot to a more complex operation to check the differences there
  3. Compare the paradigms as we look to optimise the code further


  1. Kyle Cullion
  2. Vivek Kunapareddy