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eExplorer icon eExplorer

← Drag it to your eclipse workbench to install! (I recommend Main Toolbar as Drop Target)

or use in Help -> Install New Software ... Dialog.

eExplorer is an Eclipse plugin to embed Windows Explorer and keep it in sync with your work.


  • sync with Project Explorer, Package Explorer and Git Repositories View
  • breadcrump to navigate to any folder or preview files (that Internet Explorer can render, e.g. .txt, .xml, images)
  • pop out native explorer window
  • browsing history
  • Shortcuts
    • from anywhere to open Explorer view
      • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
      • or Alt+Shift+W (or right-click "Show In" menu) to open Explorer View for selected folder/package
    • from within Explorer view
      • Alt+C Copy path to clipboard (e.g. to bookmark it)
      • Alt+V Paste path from clipboard (e.g. to go back to bookmark)
      • Alt+← Back in history
      • Alt+↑ Up one level
      • Alt+→ Forward in history
      • Alt+O Pop out native explorer window

Explorer is a tool many of us use every day and many of us customize to their needs, so it is only natural we long for an easy integration in Eclipse. There are many plugins that allow to copy a resources path to clipboard (to paste it into Explorer), to open a terminal, to open Explorer.

I have been using EasyShell for a long time, and still use it. But I found myself having too many Explorer Windows open on a regular basis. That is why I wrote eExplorer. Now the terminal, unzip, thumbnail, git bash, and many more are always present.

I hope you like eExplorer - you can request features and report issues or you might try another option like


Pull requests are welcome.


Eclipse Plugin to embed Windows Explorer and keep it in sync with your work.






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