The RESTful API to access CULPA data.
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This is a RESTful API written for CULPA. Please use it to make awesome things! We reserve all rights to the data.

API Documentation

Courses /courses

Course by ID - /courses/course_id/<course_id>

Courses by Search - /courses/search/<search_query>

Courses by Department - /courses/department_id/<department_id>

Departments /departments

Department by ID - /departments/department_id/<department_id>

Departments by Search - /departments/search/<search_query>

Departments by Professor - /departments/professor_id/<professor_id>

Professors /professors

Professor by ID - /professors/professor_id/<professor_id>

Professors by Search - /professors/search/<search_query>

Professors by Department - /professors/department_id/<department_id>

Silver Nugget Professors - /professors/silver_nuggets

Gold Nugget Professors - /professors/gold_nuggets

Reviews /reviews

Review by ID - /reviews/review_id/<review_id>

Reviews by Professor - /reviews/professor_id/<professor_id>

Reviews by Course - /reviews/course_id/<course_id>