Fusion is the DDP client from Meteor that has the ability to be conditionally started.
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DDP Client - Fusion Mode

This package is an extension to ddp-client, originally from Meteor, with the ability to conditionally start the DDP connection.

Original code: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/tree/devel/packages/ddp-client

Why ?

The reason is simple, websockets are expensive, and most applications won't need it. Or they need it in certain areas, this opens the path of doing so with ease.

How to install

# In your Meteor App
mkdir packages
cd packages
git clone https://github.com/cult-of-coders/fusion.git

It's not on atmosphere because we needed to override the behavior of ddp-client.

If you add this package to Meteor, the client no longer requires an websocket connection. This means that subscriptions will not work out of the box. However you can start/stop the websocket conditionally:

import {DDP} from 'meteor/ddp-client';

DDP.engage(); // establishes WS connection
DDP.disengage(); // cuts the WS connection

And for your convenience we also export the Fusion class that lets components request an websocket connection, and they can release that connection when no longer needed, and if there is no active "requesters" the websocket connection stops.


import {Fusion} from 'meteor/ddp-client';

const handler = Fusion.engage(() => {

// When you no longer need it:

When all registered handlers are stopped, the websocket connection also stops.

Meteor.call will work as expected inside your client, because we create a server side route "/_meteor" that accepts RPC calls. When DDP is engaged, Meteor.call will communicate via DDP

When sending HTTP RPC calls authorization is supported by default, meaning you can still use this.userId inside your methods. This is possible because we pass Accounts._storedLoginToken() to each request.

This works with accounts-password.

License: MIT