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Kaizen Design System Website -

This folder contains the code and content required to build the design system website.

It's built using Gatsby, a static site generator built with React.


Anyone at Culture Amp can contribute! Open a Pull Request on this repo, and when we merge it, the new site will be automatically deployed. You're also welcome to review, approve and merge pull requests.

Tip: you can edit files directly from the Github by opening the file you want and clicking the "Edit this file" button (the one with a pencil icon). After you've made your changes it will guide you to open a pull request.

If you need any help, ask somebody in the Front End Capability Team.

Testing locally

To test locally:

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone

  2. Run bin/setup to install the dependencies

  3. Run bin/gatsby to start the local development server

  4. Visit http://localhost:8000/ to preview the site.

As you edit and save files the site will automatically rebuild and the browser refresh.

Changing text content

Most of the text heavy pages, including the product language guide, are created using Markdown. We actually use a special form of markdown that supports including React components with JSX, but we still use the *.md file extension.

So if you want to edit text content, find the relevant mdx file and make your changes.

Adding icons

If you are adding a new icon, you can add it to the _allIcons.js file and it will be included on the icons page.

Adding pages

You can create new pages by creating new mdx or JS files and saving them in the pages/ folder. The URL for the page will be based on the folder it is in and the name of the file. If you would like to set the default page for a folder, you can call it index.js or index.mdx.

To add a new page to the main navigation, add an entry to _sitemap.js

If you create some helper JS files and don't want them to be treated as pages, you can start the filename with an an underscore: _myHelper.js.


The Gatsby site is configured to handle both SASS and PostCSS. If you would like your file to be treated as a CSS module, it will need to end with the extension .module.scss.

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