Translations for the European Resistance Archive project
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ERA Logo

Translations for the European Resistance Archive (ERA) project

What is ERA?

ERA is a space in which individual stories of people having resisted against the terror, humiliation and despair fascism brought over Europe are kept alive and visible for everybody.

It is an online video archive which currently offers video interviews with 21 actvists from resistance movements in different countries, who actively fought against Nazi-Germany in the Second World War.

The initial version of ERA was launched in 2007. Several groups and organizations across six european countries helped to collect materials and conducted the video interviews.

What Languages?

The language of the interviews is always the witness’ mother language, which compiles to the following list of „ERA languages“:

- French
- German
- Italian
- Polish
- Slovenian

In oder to make the content as accessible as possible for a wider audience, all ERA interviews had been transcribed and translated in to English.

What is this repository?

Due to the tight project budget, it was not possible to translate the contents into all „ERA languages“.

With the release of a technologically updated version of ERA in 2016 the idea to crowd-source the missing translations came up.

This repository on Github is the central point to manage and organize the volunteers who want to contribute to the translation progress.

Update: Unfortunately it turned out that a purely git based approach was too tech-heavy.

Instead of working on the actual translations, most of the volunteers struggled with the technical terminology, the git flow and the principles of „pull requests“…

This is why we switched to a professional translation tool named WebTranslateIt (WTI) to manage and organize the volunteers and the ERA translations.

You can track the progress on the ERA translation project page on WebTranslateIt.

Once all translations for a language are completed and proof-read, they will be merged to the master branch.

Additionally all translations from WTI are automatically committed to the wti-pull branch.

What about you?

You speak French, German, Italian, Polish, Slovenian or English?

You want to help us with the translations?


👉 Please sign up to join the ERA translation team on WebTranslateIt.